This page will provide the most up-to-date information regarding the happenings in 6H.

It's hard to believe it is already December and in the 50's no less! I just wanted to inform you that the next three weeks my class is pairing up with Miss Amy's pre-k class to work on STEM activities. The sixth graders will become experts on a STEM activity that they will in turn guide pre-k students through. This is a great opportunity for our students to work on beign leaders and role models.

This will be during our vocabulary time slot. The students will not have any new vocabulary words until after break. Instead, we will continue to practice the words we have already learned through the use of Kahoot and Quizlet live. They will not have a formal vocabulary test or Word Wisdom pages to complete, but they will earn points through the Kahoot and Quizlet live practice. 

Also, please keep in mind that Mr. Ferguson's last day will be December 19th. I would like to put together a class gift. Please feel free to send in money or a gift card by December 15th. 

Our class Christmas party will be on Friday December 22nd. As this date draws closer I will email those of you who signed up to send in items for the party. 

We are beginning our Rates, Ratios, Proportions math unit this week. This unit will be extremely hands on and project oriented. Below are some of the projects the students will be completing.Our current math unit is focused on exploring the concept of ratios, rates, and proportions. Students are accessing their prior knowledge of fractions and applying it to current math studies. Throughout this unit the students will be involved in many hands on learning projects. For example, the students will focus on the real- life application of scaling. They will practice scaling an image down with a great deal of assistance, and then will scale an image up to demonstrate their learning. The students will also be creating a superhero action figure version of themselves. Please continue to remind students to utilize Khan Academy for extra math practice or math assistance at home. 

Since the math content we will be covering for the rest of the school year will be completely new to the students, I wanted to provide students and parents with resources that they can use at home to assist with the new content.

I have added a Parent Ed page to me website. This page can be utilized by both parents and students. Through out each unit I will post videos and notes sheets for each unit that can be used when working on assignments. is a great website that has a variety of math games that the students can play as they practice new concepts.

Our current unit is ratios, rates, and proportions, so thee is a folder labeled Unit 2: Ratios, Rates, and Proportions that has reference material in it.

This semester we will be hosting a student teacher. Here is a little about him:

Introducing Mr. Ferguson

Illinois State University Teacher Candidate

Dear Parents/Guardians:

My name is Ryan Ferguson, and I’m a non-traditional student who decided to go back to school for a degree in elementary education. I chose to take on that challenge because I have realized the impact teachers have on our youth. I’m very passionate about being a positive impact on all of my students, whether that is in a student’s academic life or otherwise. I’m very excited to be working with Mrs. Harris and her students this semester!


Ryan Ferguson

More about me:

  • I am originally from Gibson City (GCMS class of 2004).

  • I graduated from Western Illinois University (Journalism) in 2008.

  • I cover some of the GCMS boys athletics teams for the Ford County Record newspaper in Paxton, so you will see me on the sidelines when the Panthers face the Falcons in football and basketball.

  • I am married to a teacher. She teaches consumer and business education classes Eureka High School and also works part-time at Heartland Community College.

  • My wife and I live in Normal, and we are expecting a baby boy (our first!) in January.

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